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Today, April 26 2016 I added some things to the table of contents for the Side Money Blueprint Playbook. You will be getting these chapters in a “drip” sequence after you commit to the classes.

Here’s the body of the email that adds so much value. Tomorrow night (April 30) at 11:59:59 it all goes away at the price of $37 and the common rabble will pay $101 for material that follows. Check it:


Hi {!firstname_fix},

So the Side Money Blueprint Course and Community has undergone a few changes since I first began putting it together.
For the first iteration, I did a webinar where I taught small biz owners:
  • How to identify their “sweetheart” customers… those that make a CUSTOM of buying, over and over… provide honest feedback without bitchy complaints… give glowing testimonials and refer scads of other sweethearts like themselves
  • How to use “Inception”-like technology to get inside their heads… give ’em the impulse to buy while making them think it’s their own idea
  • The art of the elevator pitch– a 30 second distillation of the ONE problem you solve for ONE kind of customer
  • Five steps to a killer USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that communicates that you’re the best ONLY choice for them
Now, so far the SMB Community is doing great guns. I’ve had folks report greater ease in closing sales, more leads upon more leads… and those that have harnessed the “Shotgun/Laser Technique” we’re seeing more business than they can HANDLE.
But this was not the whole idea, not by a long shot.
You see… the diabolical genius BEHIND the scenes that devised this system (ooh! that’s ME) has had a bigger picture in mind.
That is, rather than simply setting myself up as “the man”, the “guru”, the great and powerful OZ…
…what I’ve really been doing is taking my pupils through marketing minors, but preparing them for the big leagues.
And asking them questions along the way.
So far I’ve found out that the biggest demand my peeps have are:
  • How to get found on Google in their local community, or nationally… and do it without spending a ton on SEO
  • How to price their product or service CORRECTLY so they actually can make a living, do a GREAT service, and not resent their customers
  • How to capture leads with ease
  • How to defuse objections to buying, before they are even given
  • The best way to automate the hardest part of the business
  • “Statistics”… how the most BORING thing I ever did, marketing-wise, turned out to be the thing that pushed me into five figures per month income when I was in my twenties
  • The secret ingredient that enabled me to take a two-week vacation.. and come back $4,000 richer
I’m incorporating all these lessons into the Side Money Blueprint.
Here’s two reasons why this pertains to YOU in particular, {!firstname_fix}.
  1. YOU might be the one to provide the nagging question that you and others like you have, that I just may be able to help with… or send you to someone who can… the EIGHTH thing I’ll add to the Course
  2. More importantly… before  I raise the price of the Side Money Blueprint Course and Community to $101 (<=== little bit o’ branding there, eh?) you can get in for the same, bargain basement, PRELIMINARY price I offered the first iteration of the course at: $37
Now here’s the part in an ordinary sales pitch where I would give you testimonial upon testimonial from the folks that have already begun.
But time doth not permit. 
Suffice it to say that once you’re in, you can talk with others that are on the same train as you, only they got in few cars ahead. Along with the ladies and gents that take me up on today’s offer, THEY are the only ones getting all this value for the $37.
Tina B. said that she was able to get a new client in 45 minutes of reading the first chapter of my book… and Christin Y. said she got a client paying $380 (monthly) the same day she put one of my principles to work. 
{!firstname_fix}, if you have a business but you don’t have enough SWEETHEART customers for that business, head on over to the Side Money Blueprint <== link and pick ‘er up while you still can, for a teeny pittance.
You can see the money back guarantee and the table of contents there. Just remember to add what’s in this email when you hit the “buy now” button.
See you on other side!
Keep Stepping,
P.S. This special offer is ONLY available to you good-lookin’ Subscribers that had the sense to open this mail today. At midnight tomorrow the offer goes away and everything gets priced at $101 instead of $37, still with a money back guarantee. 
Okay, back to the regular page programming. This limited time offer is ONLY for attendees of the webinar and for the first 50 Students that order today. After this order expires these bonuses go away and the price will be raised to $101.

Thanks for ordering the Side Money Blueprint Playbook and community. Your satisfaction is guaranteed; if at any time you wish a refund in the next 90 days, simply write in and your $37 will be quickly paid back.

But we really think you’ll want access to this community, the video, a 30 minute consultation and free updates for life.

Right after your secure payment, send an email to:

Kurt at shoestring101 dot com

…with the title, “I’m in!” for a special message and your first assignment.

See you on the other side!

Keep Stepping,