Business Owners: This is the Next Thing You Should Do

In this blog post: a “dirty” secret about how to make more sales and profits in your small business, just by making a few tweaks to what you’re probably already doing.
By the time you finish this quick, low-calorie blog post (take ya three minutes, yo)…

…you’ll know I’m right.

A few tweaks will make you a bigger pile. Invest about three minutes with me and see if you agree.

Ready? Here we go:

We all crave clarity. That’s the reason you read this far in the first place, isn’t it?

I didn’t try to come up with something clever or super-official sounding for the title….

…just said, “THIS is the next thing you should do.”

And it worked.

Proof positive: you’re reading the post now, silly.

And I’m delivering on the implied promise in the title. I believe that learning to use the right words to get your clients to take the right actions… IS the next thing you should do.

Effective business communication is what you need to make more money.

Finn is confused. A confused mind says "No!"

Finn is confused. A confused mind says “No!”

And “effective business communication” means being clear.

Clear about what benefit your client will have, if they do business with you.

Most small biz owners wouldn’t have a big problem telling people what it is that they do… IF they were explaining it to a friend, or someone they just met.

But sit ‘em down to WRITE an AD… and they go into what I call business-zombie mode.
Here’s a true-to-life example that I borrowed from the “Kopywriting Checklist”:


Zombie Kurt. You've infected me with your boring-nesssssss....

Zombie Kurt. You’ve infected me with your boring-nesssssss….

“We are a full-service agency started in 2003 committed to satisfying our customer’s business needs by creating custom conversion utilities. We strive to specialize in ecommerce driven products and have extensive background in the subject spanning 15 years of experience. Our specialty is the current trend toward mobile applications…”



Wake me when it’s over. I still don’t know what this guy does and if it relates to me.


clarity clarence copywriting

A little clarity goes a long way for Customer Clarence

“Nice to meet you. What do I do? So, if you own a Shopify store, I created this app that basically can double your sales in under a week. G’head and download a free trial on your phone… check it out!”

Better, yes?

If you happen to own a Shopify store, this fella is your lobster.

​And you know it. Right away.

So again… Back to why you decided to read this post in the first place. It was the power of the right words.

“THIS is the next thing you should do.”

So, reader… what DO you need to do next?

If you own a small business, what you need to do is audit every single dang thing you have out there in print and online that’s intended to sell your business.
And change it to something that will actually sell.

Make it clearer, using this simple template:

[result your customer wants] + [timeframe you can deliver it] – [objection]

That formula will do for now. Then make your ‘call to action” extremely obvious:

“To [get this benefit], [take this action].

That ‘action’ could be call now, click here, sign up…. you get the idea.

If a person that reads your copy can actually get the benefit you are promising, and they actually want it… guess what?

You don’t have to be cutesy, clever, or speak in business-zombie mode.

But your clear communication will work. You’ll get more customers, more sales, more profits. If you just tweak a few things about how you communicate what your business for people.

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if someone was teaching a class on this sort of thing?

​Teaching small business owners how to make more sales… just by changing the way they communicate about their products and services?

Good news for you my friend.

This is just one of the segments in my upcoming webinar this Saturday.

I’ll be teaching [how to make $1,000 more monthly profits], in [the next 30 days], even if [you don’t know a thing about marketing].

This webinar will give you the power… to get your customers to take action!

[To make more sales and profits in your small business], you’ll want to [click right here and register for this free class].

Hah-ha.. wink, wink. See what I just did there?

Teaching the principles by example. Socrates ain’t got nothing on this kid.


I’ll see you on the other side, Stepper… the first ten folks to register from this email get a surprise gift. You could be one of ’em if you act quickly.

Keep Stepping,


Side Money Blueprint Copywriting amd Marketing Class

Side Money Blueprint: Add $1,000/Month to Your Cash Flow in 30 Days, Even if You’ve Never Owned a Business

P.S. This groundbreaking two-hour webinar is titled Side Money Blueprint: From 0 to $1,000 Monthly in 30 Days, Even if You’ve Never Owned a Business. It was originally designed to help “wantrepreneurs” to finally start their own biz.

But… I’ve surveyed about 50 of the people that are already signed up to come this Saturday and have found that a surprising number of them already own businesses, but need a shot in the arm to get more clients!

That’s okay, the principles we’ll be using Saturday apply both to start-ups and fire-ups. So if you are already running a small business, and an extra $1,000/month would make a difference… it’s certainly doable with these same techniques you’ll get in this two-hour class.

OH! and if you were thinking of coming but the time doesn’t work out for you, REGISTER ANYWAY. The recording will be available for two weeks.

Okay, talk soon. See you on the webinar.

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