7 Ways to Hack Local Search SEO for a Free Front Page Listing

How I Got Listed Seven Times on the Front Page of Google

If you’re a small biz owner interested in using guerrilla tactics to beat out your competitors while not spending a DIME, you landed on the right page. Today I show you seven ways to hack local search results on Google with zero cost.

Front Page Results! My local biz has SEVEN listings on the front page of Google...

Front Page Results! My local biz has SEVEN listings on the front page of Google…

If you doubt that a small business owner can spend NOTHING and get on the front page of Google multiple times, try Googling these terms:

  • Karate for Kids in Monument, CO (6 front page listings: Yelp, my blog, Facebook page, 3 Videos)
  • Karate Monument, Colorado  (5 front page listings: Yelp, my blog, Google+ page, Facebook page, Video)
  • Martial Arts Monument, CO (5 front page listings also)

Anyone interested being featured multiple times in the front page of Google results.. with eye-catching listings… and doing it for NO money, read on.

Hack Local Search Results; Become Known QUICKLY

You want your business to get on the front page of results for keywords your customers are looking up. Before I show you my top secret ninja moves, let’s get to basics again. There are three keys to marketing  a local business:

  1. Know where folks in your target market are;
  2. Know where they go;
  3. Know where they look.

For the first key, I look up demographics by neighborhood.  I buy mailing lists for streets nearby with 35-45 year old women. Why? Because MOM decides what activities her 6-11 year old child is going to do.

That’s knowing where they (my target customers) are. It’s expensive but has great, predictable results.

Here’s a completely different method that packs ’em in the door: I like to put coupons on pizza boxes… actually I pay for the coupons, the restaurant employees put ’em on bozes. Here’s an offer it’s hard for a family to refuse: get two trial lessons at the Freedom School of Martial Arts and I’l buy you a pizza!

That’s the second key: knowing where your target customers go. And intercepting ’em there with your own offer. Families go get pizza; I promise to buy ’em more pizza if they try me out too.

But the easiest way to be seen by your targets starts with  knowing where they look. This is the third, and arguably most important key.

Because with this key you can become known in your area quickly, cheaply, and most of all… PROFITABLY.

Ready for those ninja moves? Let’s get bizzy:

1: Hack Google with Local Directories

Google relies heavily on smaller search directories like Yelp, Yext, Yahoo… Yellow Pages, et cetera. Last time I looked there were over a hundred services that catalog local businesses. In your area, there may be several that stand out, while others aren’t even on the radar.

It’s your job to find out which ones are in use and to avail yourself of the free listings. Here’s how:

  • Go to http://www.google.com and type in ” (your area) business directory”
  • Enter each website into an Excel spreadsheet and check ’em off as you claim the free listing
  • Make sure to add a bunch pictures or videos to each site (a tip on that later)
  • Call all your present customers, friends, in-laws, outlaws, and extended family all the way down to that one guy that shows at all the family gatherings and no one knows who he’s related to. Get them to post reviews (positive ones, hello) on your free listing(s).
  • Lather, rinse, repeat. Get as many of these up as you can in a hurry and you’ll be surprised what a splash you’ll make.

All this is free. If you’re short on time, a lot can be outsourced on http://www.fiverr.com for $5 or $10.

Yelp, Yext, Yahoo. And about 100 others. Use smaller local search engines to enhance your local Google standing

Yelp, Yext, Yahoo. And about 100 others. Use smaller local search engines to enhance your local Google standing

The idea is to create a boatload of references out there to you and your business. Now, the 80/20 rule is at work here… first throw a bunch of $h!t up on the wall and see what sticks. Chances are most results will come from one or two listings out of ten. Those are the listings you’ll want to flesh out some more later on.

Don’t get talked into doing paid advertising with any of them unless the free traffic from a particular listing pays for it. Then knock yourself out. But I do okay without spending a dime… true to Shoestring101 form 😉

2: Hack Local Search Results with Facebook

SO this simple hack is easy… but powerful enough you’ll drop your jaw on the floor. Ready?

  • Find out what keywords your present customers search, + your local area. For example, “Kids Karate” + “Monument, Colorado”.
  • Start a Facebook Page and name it that. Name it your keyword! Example:  https://www.facebook.com/MonumentKidsKarate
  • Invite every friend you gots. I have a video that shows how I do this quickly, even with over 1,000 Facebook friends.
  • Post to this page at least 1X a day for several weeks. DON’T post 20X a day or people will “UNLIKE” it. Try varying the posts; some pics, some videos, some text. Make it entertaining and useful 95% of the time, about 5% of the time post an offer of some sort.

 Once you start getting some likes, you’ll be able use Insights to find out more about your audience. Post stuff REGULARLY to this page that’s useful and shareable… and you’ll find that your audience begins to grow exponentially without a lot of effort.  And as your audience grows and interacts with you, it won’t be long before the page itself ranks in Google local search,

Write me if you want to know about the tool I use to streamline this process and save hours of work. No, I’m not an affiliate seller of the tool. I just want to give the inside scoop to the go-getters. Next up: How to hack your way to the the top of the page with video…

3: Hack Local Search Results with YouTube

Make a short video and title it as the keyword, same as the Facebook page hack.  Remember picking out the keywords and adding the local area? For me it’s “karate” or “martial arts” or “kids karate” + “Monument, CO”. Say you own a lawn mowing service and live in Jacksonville, Florida. The name of your video could be “Lawn Mowing Service in Jacksonville, FL”.  It’s easy to upload a video, even if you don’t have a video camera. Just use still photos and plug them into a tool like Windows Movie Maker or Animoto. Or you could take actual video of an event or showing your product or service at work. This video of one of my Students breaking his first

This short video has Page Rank and DOMINATES local search for "martial arts for kids"

This short video has Page Rank and DOMINATES local search for “martial arts for kids”

brick is a good example. This video has actually become PR3 by itself for the keywords that I want, and the URL in the description points to the front page of my martial arts blog. Hard to beat. Make sure you:

  • Only make the video last :15 sec – 1:00 minute total
  • Tag the video with your keywords and several variants
  • Put your contact info in the slides as well
  • Include a call to action

This video ^ was put together in about 20 minutes using animoto, a few pics on my PC and a video I took with my Samsung Galaxy II. Couldja use a video tutorial on exactly how to do the above steps? Be happy to do it if’n enough people ask. Just write me in the comments.

4: Hack Local Search Results with Google+

While Local Google Hacks #2 and #3 involve using keywords to title pages and videos… instead of your business name… here you will want to use your businesses’ actual moniker. Remember these key tips:

  • Google likes COMPLETE profiles. So invest the time it will take to fill yours out completely.
  • Pictures, videos, and offers are all part of a complete profile.
  • Make sure that your business name, address, phone and other vitals including hours of operation are congruent with other free listings

To enhance your Google+ business page, now get one of these cool map thingies to show up on search.

  1. Go to http://maps.google.com
  2. Sign in using the same gmail account that you created your Google + Local Account
  3. Click on My Places
  4. Click on Create Map
  5. Use the 2 step formula to create your Title
  6. Create your Description
  7. Make sure your map is public
  8. Add a Placemark – Drag and drop on your office location
  9. Put your business profile information in the Title and Description

5: Hack Local Search Results with your Blog

This one will definitely put you ahead of your competition, IF you actually use it.

Taking the time to write about what you are doing seems to be drudgery to some… but in fact, this particular discipline will be the one to truly set you free as an entrepreneur.

Documenting your business is the key to working ON your business instead of just working IN it. It will help you to go the extra mile for your customer and ultimately for yourself to contribute regularly to a blog.

From here or from our Facebook fan page, you can engage and learn about your audience. You detect trends. You test your market affordably and effecitvely. You learn how your customers and you jive together and have the best fightin’ chance at making that value-creating partnership the best it can be.

Write me if you want tips about blogging to build your local biz.

#6: Hack Local Search Results with Pictures

Remember up above I said I’d give you a tip on the pictures you post on local pages? Well, you’ll want to use this for any picture you upload, whether it’s to your blog, your Google+ business page, or local directories. NAME your PICTURE with keywords.

Front Page Results! My local biz has SEVEN listings on the front page of Google...

Front Page Results! My local biz has SEVEN listings on the front page of Google…

<===For example, THIS picture is saved in my computer as, “Hacking Front Page of Local SEO.JPG”

Cool, hmm?

Every time you upload a picture from your PC or MAC you’ll be crankin’ the SEO juice up simply because your picture is named what you are trying to rank for. This is especially good when you post to your blog.

It also sets you up for Hack #7 below.

#7: Hack Local Search Results by Repurposing Content

As powerful as each of these individual hacks can be, the rank-grabbing tactic of repurposing and combining is where rubber really hits the road.

Say you post a keyworded-up , eye-catching, relevant-to-your-audience pic to your blog. Then screen capture it with Camtasia, Camstudio, even load it up to Windows MovieMaker to make it into a part of a video. Then you post both the picture and the video to your Facebook page, Google+, and local directory.

NOW you’re cookin’ with gas! Because not only do you save yourself the trouble of coming up with separate pieces of content, you also have  bit o’ congruency and branding going on.

Another thing… if you do happen to run low on ideas for content, just leverage your existing customers. Almost everybody these days has a camera in their phone. Ask customers to take selfies, showing themselves happily using your product.  If you run a coffee shop, offer a free blueberry scone to the snarkiest comment or the cutest picture of their kids drinking a hot chocolate. Have fun with your existing customers and ask for likes, shares, and comments.  You may soon have the opposite problem of too MUCH content to publish! But be sure to reply to comments and engage your present customer base.

All of this activity adds to the relevance of the pages you’re trying to get ranked. Don’t be surprised if your business ends up on the front page of Google multiple times if you follow all the suggestions I’ve outlined here.

The Next “Step” for YOU

Steppers, I didn’t even scratch the surface with what’s available here… didn’t mention Pinterest or Instagram, or how to use Custom Audiences on Facebook to blow these strategies up. If you’d like the most current things I’m doing, or a n0-dollar hack for YOUR particular biz, put ‘er in the comments or drop me a line.

Thanks for taking a minute to look at these hacks for getting on the front page of Google. You can rank on page one for local business search with no investment except for time.

For more marketing hacks, or to consult with a guy that’s made THREE six-figure businesses from scratch with little or no investment in paid advertising, hit me up on Twitter @shoestring101 or call me at +1 719 360 9559.

Keep Stepping,



  1. Kurt,

    Very helpful I have additional question i tried everything an my listing went into pending. What is it I did wrong. Are you open for conversation,phone, via skype….


  2. Kurt,

    Thank you very much for your post . Very helpful I have additional question i tried everything an my listing went into pending. What is it I did wrong. Are you open for conversation,phone, via skype….

    Thank You

  3. Hello there, Kurt! Your numerous tips of SEO is absolutely agreeable to the entrepreneurs. Seems I’m not able to work this stuff, I will see the other article talking also about SEO so that I have lot’s of knowledge when the has come and I manage SEO service.
    Anthony Cortez recently posted…Internet Marketing Benefits for Business OwnersMy Profile

  4. Whoa, what a big advantages ways to improve SEO services by the 7 ways of hacking. But, I have a little bit of afraid for trying this one.

    Nevertheless, thank you for this post, Kurt!
    Robert Deleon recently posted…Internet Marketing Benefits for Business OwnersMy Profile

  5. Wow. this is actually mind-boggling that some people make this much efforts in their business. & it’s really wise of you Mr. Frankenberg to share them.
    I found your website perfect for my needs. It contains wonderful and helpful posts.
    Since you tend to have a lot of knowledge about SEO, I have a question for you.
    I’ve been reading in a few places that .gov/.edu links no longer have the same strength they used. Which does make sense in my opinion. What do you think?

    • Kurt Frankenberg

      Hi Moses!

      I think that question is better directed at folks whose products would benefit from .gov and .edu links. IN my own experience it hasn’t been too important; PEOPLE that are searching for martial arts lessons or screen repair don’t necessarily also need there to be official government endorsement or academic accolades. So those links are less relevant to the humans, therefore Google in its wisdom has made them (at least in the case of MY products and services) less relevant.

      Thanks for the kudos, Moses! Please come and comment any time, and be sure to subscribe to my email tips as the real military grade stuff comes from there 😉

      Keep Stepping,

      Kurt Frankenberg recently posted…Side Hustle to Full Time Income, Part TWO: 10X Your BusinessMy Profile

  6. Kurt, This is an A+ article! A lot of information online about SEO is massively over-complicated; these are simple and efficient to-dos that every small business owner can accomplish! I have a pet sitting and dog walking business in New Orleans, let me know if you have any additional strategies you think I should put in motion. Thank you!

    • Kurt Frankenberg

      Hi Sara!

      I took a look at PoodleROO.com and think you’ve got a good start there for sure. Two things:

      1) My top secret military-grade BEST stuff is reserved for folks on my mailing list, so get on that pronto.
      2) A problem well-stated is a problem half-solved. Let me know what YOU think is the next step for you and I’ll either help you take it, or point you out to someone who can.

      Thanks for reading, and for the compliment. I’ll see you in your mailbox.

      Keep Stepping,
      Kurt Frankenberg recently posted…Kick-Ass Low Cost Marketing for Small Business: the My Profile

  7. Kurt, Thanks for the great article and suggestions. I’m just finding you (and by accident) and I’m glad I did. I will start implementing these suggestions right away. My business is real estate. A Realtor and Appraiser, I’m addicted!. Can you think of specific tips, tricks, or traps for a Realtor and Appraiser? And what are the best ways to follow you?

  8. Some great tips here to get started in an area that seems vast until you find articles like this! Just started ok some of these tips and I’m excited to see how it goes from here.

  9. YouTube is one those places, if you know what you are doing is an awesome resource. Especially, when it comes to see. YouTube is the number 2 search engine behind Google and has it benefits.

    Overtime, YouTube has changed a little bit inside of the search and with videos can stay on the first page forever as long as you are constantly doing what’s needs to be done. Local videos or videos in general are easier to rank.

    Just a few things like: raw files, titles and few other things. Thanks for the share on the article.

  10. Hello! I would love to hear more about how I can promote my practice. I’m a Splankna practitioner as well. Certified, Masters. Thank you for your willingness to share your insights. God bless.

    • Kurt Frankenberg

      Hi Chris! I just pinged you on Facebook. I can help you find enough clients to keep you waaaay busy if that’s your goal. 😉 Write me and let me know where your current clients are coming from and that will give us a place to start.

      Keep Stepping,


  11. Thanks for the tips! It’s so difficult to promote a business. Even a good business that deserves exposure. Sometimes it’s exhausting trying to figure it all out. It’s nice to have some straight forward techniques.
    Eric Weigner recently posted…How to be a Nerd 3.14159 Easy StepsMy Profile

    • Kurt Frankenberg


      Really it’s all about finding the kinds of people that like and want what you have access to… and then learning where to find MORE of ’em!

      Case in point: the screen-repair business I founded to help my son earn some money for a car recently went amazeballs on us. Using the principles in , I got the screen repair company free exposure on Google. So a large construction company gets our number off of Google, calls us with the proposition that we repair 160 screens.



      Most folks would end it there and be happy with the $3200 job. But this kid? Not satisfied with one awesome customer. I wanna know where ALL the construction companies live 😉 I’m targeting every single construction company in Colorado Springs using MelissaData and sending postcards (100% open rate) to them with a before/after picture and a list of benefits.

      I’ll let you know how it goes! Meanwhile, find out where your existing customers are coming from and find out where they hang out.

      Keep Stepping!

      Kurt Frankenberg recently posted…Six For Saturday; How I’m Staying Current with Digital MarketingMy Profile

  12. I like your tips and tricks, but I’ve got a question. Most of these seem targeted at fast results. By nature Google algo changes could change their effectiveness. What are your thoughts on playing the long game of Seo, namely quality link building? In a way, you’ve started to touch on it. Links from directories, etc are good, but about going further by creating linkbait and actively reaching out for links? Again, I know there’s no immediate roi, but long term, it could be the best strategy for serp longevity.

    • Kurt Frankenberg

      You have a point Nathan, Google often and without warning changes its algorithm and for that reason we’ve got to look at long term strategies. But to date the longest standing sign of authority is longevity… getting ranked locally for the right keywords and then continuing to adjust seems like the best long term strategy ever.

      Also I’ll assert here and now my opinion that also changes are directed at one or the other of only two things:
      1) getting Google to think more like a real person looking for the solution that my business offers, or
      2) getting spammers and posers out of the way… which I’m not.

      By doing my keyword research by actually polling the real humans that found me, I have an insider’s advantage to that first one.
      By continually updating each of these posts, pics, and properties to stay relevant to actual humans, I take out adverse effects from the second kind.

      Remember Google’s mission statement is “Don’t Be Evil.” Now those of us that have undergone the famous “Google Slap” might think they’re only adhering to two-thirds of that statement 😉 but at the heart of it is the commitment to serving up the most current and relevant info to those that request it. These hacks are my way of staying relevant to real humans, and I’ll adjust them as it becomes necessary.

      Thanks for posting!

      Keep Stepping,

      Kurt Frankenberg recently posted…5 Steps to YOUR Killer USP (Unique Selling Proposition)My Profile

  13. Nice tips bro, keep up the good work. But Google Map trick will not work anymore. You only have to maintain the keyword density and the quality of your content and it should at least contain 300 words but I recommend to write posts containing 500+ words.

    Due to some algorithm changes, Google now looks for quality and also your site speed which should be 2 seconds or below. This can get you to the first page for certain keywords. Don’t forget to check my blog too!
    Bright Joe recently posted…How to Register for Godaddy Affiliate & Start Making Money?My Profile

  14. Will these work if, say, you couldn’t even update anything on your webpage? I’m a Marketing Director who (for lack of better terminology) “isn’t allowed” to make changes on the website. However, my superior wants to be on the front pages of Google without investing any money in ads or using the website. My job is at stake, so I’m going to try this and see if it works. Wish me luck! 🙂

    • Kurt Frankenberg


      Well, I would say that your superior could benefit from an IQ test 😉 but that might land me in trouble.

      Luckily, the principles of Shoestring101 can help you replace a full-time income right away if indeed you do lose your job.

      SOoo… can’t make changes to the website but demand front page placement for free? Yes, the hacks I’m mentioning can get the business on the front page because most of them involve social media.

      But even so, the social media needs updating in order to get the Google juice.

      If it were ME, and I was cut off at the knees (no changes to website… DERRrrrrr…), I would set up a number of images and social media properties with the business’s vital info (location, hours, phone and other contact info) and name those properties not after the business, but after the keywords the business is identified with.

      Hope this works out for ya, Mary! Consider writing me at kurt at shoestring101 dot com for a couple of other tips.

      Keep Stepping,


  15. Thanks for this Kurt. I’m always looking for new ideas, tips, trick and hacks and you delivered some beauties here mate. Especially loved #4 the Google + map hack – haven’t used that one before and will add it to my box of tricks. I use your other hacks and know they absolutely work for my own stuff and for my local clients.
    Andrew Riedel recently posted…Video KeywordsMy Profile

    • Kurt Frankenberg


      Andrew, I should tell you that I’ve hooked up with a local marketing maven named Hazel Jarrett in the UK. We’re collaborating right now on an English-language global domination plan for local marketers anywhere in the English speaking world. Wouldja like updates when she and I combine all our hacks..?

      Keep Stepping,


  16. Ann Abbitz says:

    Wow! These are awesome tips, and I have already shared them with my husband. He is a custom leather worker & he is fired up to give these tips a shot! One of the biggest keys for growing his business has been online advertising, but I can definitely see that you can get more targeted results using your FREE methods than he has gotten from paid advertising. Thank you!

  17. Great Article! I have used these tactics in the past and it really works!

  18. Thanks – great article. I will share to my local clients !

    • Kurt Frankenberg

      Thank YOU, Kathleen!
      I have a class coming out soon that will help local biz owners even more. Ping me on Twitter? @shoestring101.

      Keep Stepping,


    • Kurt Frankenberg

      I went over to kkpgoldenconnection.com and was thoroughly impressed. Thanks for reaching out Kathleen. Hope to speak more soon.

      Keep Stepping,


  19. You know, I think video’s going to be one of my first steps in repurposing blog content 🙂
    Mark recently posted…Listen! – How Personalized Market Research Can Build Your BrandMy Profile

  20. Good stuff! YouTube as an SEO tool can be very powerful – it’s one of the world’s biggest search engines itself! Thanks Kurt!

    • You’re welcome!

      Yes, and fewer local businesses use it. Which situation I’m trying to help with this blog post!

      Mark, believe it or not I have gone to JUST these methods to advertise my local martial arts studio and my side “screen repair” business. I haven’t spent a dime on advertising in almost two years now… but the businesses have grown nontheless. Feels good. Easier on the pocketbook, classes are full, and this summer it looks like I’ll need to hire three new people to help me with the screen repair biz.

      I’d love to see a video of Rend Creative. More importantly, I’d like Rend Creative to have more brand-related worn than you can handle. DO you have a vid out yet? I’d love to analyze it and offer ideas for more vids. Also leveraging vids with Twitter, Fiverr, and Facebook.

      Keep Stepping,

      kurtf recently posted…Use Fiverr to Validate Your Small Business IdeaMy Profile

  21. nice post… but have you tried this on something more competitive? Not saying there isn’t a huge competitive market for karate in Monument CO, but have you tried a bigger city for example? Like Denver, or Boulder or something??

    I personally doubt that just throwing up a quick FB page will get you #1 (let alone own the top 5 spots) for a competitive keyword in a city with more than a few hundred thousand people… but would love to hear your experience.
    Adam Roseland recently posted…Podcast Episode #9 – 24 Digital Marketing Tips & StatsMy Profile

    • Hiya Adam!

      To be honest, no I haven’t tried using these 7 Hacks in Denver or Boulder. I have advised some folks in Atlanta and other competitive areas though, with mixed results. Here’s why:

      1) Not everyone follows the directions as they should, and
      2) refer back to #1.


      “I doubt that just throwing up a quick FB page will get you #1″… yeah, I doubt that too. It’s not as simple as just naming your FB page, or your YouTube video, or your pictures that you are posting, as keywords.

      But it don’t hurt none either 😉

      The real work comes in when after posting, when you continue to share, get fans, engage.

      My YouTube video of a kid breaking a brick has a page rank of 3. Not bad for a simple, less than one minute jobbie shot with a cell phone! It’s gotten shared quite a bit locally, as I asked every single Student of mine to go on YouTube and see the video. Plus it got shared with grandparents, friends from school, etc. Now, with well over 1,000 natural views, the KEYWORDS “martial arts in Monument CO” and “karate for kids in Monument, CO” get some pizzazz.

      Same goes with my “Karate for Kids in Monument, Colorado” FB page, with the vanity URL of /MonumentKidsKarate. I’ve spent some time building the thang up with regular posts and interaction, not just “throwing up a page” and leaving it alone.

      Check the following post: http://www.postplanner.com/get-local-facebook-page-to-page-one-of-google/ and you’ll see that there is a LITTLE more to it than just throwing up a page… but that if you run through these steps… or similar ones for the other six hacks… you’ll get some



      Another thing to point out is that one need not go for a huuuuge geographical area if that’s not the real target. The area that most folks might refer to loosely as “Denver”, for example, is composed of dozens of communities. Arvada, Englewood, Lakewood, Littleton, Wheat Ridge… the list goes on. A savvy marketer in a big area like this will narrow down to the 2 or 3 mile radius from which most of his auto repairs come.

      FINALLY… I’m sure you haven’t missed out on this point: this post itself comes up on page one, result one in the search results on Google, at least at the time of this comment. Search “Local SEO hacks”, “local search hacks”, “front page of google local” and you’ll find this post on page one. That wasn’t an accident 🙂 I didn’t simply “throw up a page”, ya know! Lots of engagement and some of the tricks within the post itself contributed to getting this fella to the top. And it’s a competitive place to be.

      Thanks for the comment, Adam! Appreciate the discourse. I see that you’re in the business of helping local bizzes get leads. Wouldja maybe like to do a joint case study with one of your clients in a fairly competitive area? Can’t hurt, and it’s free.

      Let me know.

      Keep Stepping,

      kurtf recently posted…The Most AWESOME Paradox… Doing Less Can Accomplish MOREMy Profile

      • Kurt,
        Thanks for the reply… and the tweet & share!
        Sorry if I came off the wrong way… when I was saying “throw up a page” I wasn’t suggesting you are half-@$$ing it or anything. I just wanted to know your experience with more competitive environments. As you know now, I work with a lot of small businesses trying to get themselves to rank well in search, and I really like the FB hack… but as you probably also know, most people want to be #1 for the toughest of their keywords, in the largest geographic range possible, even if they could still dominate with just the local results.
        What did you have in mind for the case study?
        Adam Roseland recently posted…Podcast Episode #9 – 24 Digital Marketing Tips & StatsMy Profile

        • No offense taken Adam! No, we welcome discourse here. I’m glad to have you post the inquiry. Gives us an excellent opportunity to test, doesn’t it?

          So for a case study… perhaps you have a biz you;d like to help in your native Philly. That seems like a big enough area to begin 😉 We want to rank their business quickly using the hacks from this post.

          So we enlist their help and permission… give them a checklist and schedule (I can provide) and see if indeed… and how quickly… we can get their biz from internet obscurity to showing up on page one.

          I see that you’ve had success with dentists in your area. Let’s choose a different type of biz. Send me a couple of willing candidates and we’ll see what we can do for them!

          Keep Stepping,

          kurtf recently posted…The Most AWESOME Paradox… Doing Less Can Accomplish MOREMy Profile


        • Kurt Frankenberg

          Hiya Brian! I think you are posting the word, “Done” because of my email asking SS101 Subscribers to complete an assignment, then message me “done”. 😉 Well, thanks for commenting anyway. As to the “seems like a lot of work” comment… I’ve FORGOTTEN how much work this was, because it happened more than two years ago… yet continues to refer me thousands of dollars per month of business.

          That’s no exaggeration. My Screen Repair business is busy now, even in October, with calls every single day from homeowners, property managers, general contractors and insurance companies. I always ask, “How did you find out about us?” and almost always the answer is “I searched on Google and got your number.”

          As to my martial arts studio, each time a new Student joins that’s over $1,000 a year in tuition added to my bottom line. My overhead doesn’t change, being pretty much a constant; paying rent and staff to teach 20 Students in an hour costs the same as teaching 21 Students. So every time my phone rings from these hacks (which is often) I put another +$1,000 tot he bottom line!

          What’s a lot of work… finding out what keywords work for my target market and then OWNING those keywords locally for FREE… or continuing to play a guessing game with my advertising dollars?

          Well, you can probably decide what I think is a lot of work. But you’ll have to decide for yourself whether to dominate your market at no cost… or let someone else.

          Keep Stepping,

          Kurt Frankenberg recently posted…5 Steps to YOUR Killer USP (Unique Selling Proposition)My Profile

  22. I am loving the “come to class and I’ll buy you a pizza” thing. Think it’ll catch on in public schools? Hey, kids can dream, right? Seriously though, I think your local methods are brilliant. Simple, unique, attention grabbing, and crazy well targeted. All traits of excellent marketing tactics =)

    I’ve been working on SEO marketing my websites for years and have never thought to list my services on local business directories because what offer isn’t what I would call “local” I can sell my products and services all over the world and ship or email the products to where ever they need to go. But maybe I’ve been going about things wrong. There is really no reason not to do both, right? Marketing without local targets hasn’t really been working well for me, so maybe going local is something I should try. And when I do I’ll be re-reading this article. =)

    • I think you might be taking the pizza example from another page on this site 😉 but it’s good to know at least SOMEONE is reading more than one article during their stay 🙂
      Yes, marketing to local targets can help you learn to market worldwide. My latest post, “How to Validate Your Business Idea on Craigslist” actually addresses this in-depth. Perhaps that will help you to start locally, then branch out using the PRINCIPLES you learned and applying them to scale.

      Thanks for your comments I found all over SS101, Regina! I do hope you’ll be back again soon. Best wishes to you and your business!

      Keep Stepping,

      Kurt Frankenberg recently posted…How to Validate Your Business Idea on CraiglistMy Profile

  23. it is excellent post.. but Google local listing now dont send sms on verification and if i do too many pages,, can i get banned??
    swayam siddhi recently posted…Top Business Management Colleges in Mumbai – Sscmrmba.inMy Profile

    • Maybe you can get banned and maybe not; I’ve never had an issue because I only make a few good pages. It’s better to focus on a few pages and social properties and add quality posts/helpful stuff to those few, than to go for sheer numbers of links. The key is to get a lot of engagement on one or two of these social properties or pages.

      I have only two Facebook Pages for my screen repair biz and get page one results! Also, a single YouTube vid is responsible for page one listing for my martial arts studio. Not shabby.

      Keep Stepping,

      kurtf recently posted…How to Game Starbucks for Free Drinks and Other StuffMy Profile

  24. Just want to know that this stuff is really works. Because many times there are several thing that working with the critical thing and you don’t have to.

  25. This stuff really works. For my local biz I created a g+ account and got listed on the main directories like YP and Superpages that showed up for my search terms. Boom – I had listings on 5 of the results for my search term.

    Then I created a couple of YouTube videos with my search terms. As soon as they were uploaded they were also on the first page of the results!

    I get several calls a week from these results alone – which = cold hard cash from my simple service business!

    I picked up a couple more tips from you post to implement as well. Thanks!

    • Fan-frickin’ tabulous Burke!

      BTW, this worked for you because you actually got off top dead center and followed directions. Not one in 50 people actually do this… but the 2% or less that DO try, get results. Good for you.

      It’s almost criminal how easy it is to get on the front page of Google without paying thru the nose for ads. You just have to know how to give Google what it wants- the most relevant info for the folks that are looking for it.

      You aren’t being a spammer; the people searching those terms genuinely need to find YOU becuase YOU offer the solution to their problem. But it’s good to know that there are ways to cut the red tape and be seen right away without upfront ad money, isn’t it?

      Keep Stepping my man! I’m looking forward to hearing about your first $1,000 in profit.

      kurtf recently posted…7 Ways to Hack Local Search SEO for a Free Front Page ListingMy Profile

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