The One Day Business Plan

One Day Business Plan

The ONE Day Business Plan

When you own a business, it’s tempting to “outsource” your marketing. Day-to-day operations equals little (or NO) time to execute a marketing plan.

Your marketing plan is the most important, yet most NEGLECTED part of most small businesses.

Luckily, it’s possible to sketch out two years’ worth of lead-grabbing, customer-winning, sales-making strategies in ONE afternoon… and capture a workable plan on one sheet of legal pad!

This one controlling document will allow you to plan, execute, test and improve every sales campaign you can imagine for your small business–WITHOUT bringing in a costly “expert”.

The One Day Business Plan is your key to doing away with the bulls**t and moving your business forward.

Market, Media, Message

Understanding your three “M” factors… Market, Media, and Message is the key to crushing your business plan.

These three principles are like a three legged-stool;

…if your understanding of one is lacking it doesn’t matter how well you know the other two.

This page on Shoestring101 helps with all three. Look here for links to:

  1. Understand your Market; read the Client Crush and Shotgun/Laser Principle below.
  2. Crush your Media; “Craptastic Platforms”, Facebook Business page, and easy-to-do SEO
  3. Nail your Message: the USP, Words that Sell, the Good Enough Offer

“Client Crush” Interview 

The first and most important principle is to identify WHO your ideal customer is.

If you are already in business, interview three of your “client crushes”… the kind of customer that’s a delight to serve, that buys everything you offer, that never dickers about price, and that raves to her friends about YOU and YOUR business.

There are 17 key points to cover in any interview.  Grab YOUR free checklist in the One Day Business Plan Group on Facebook!

The Shotgun/Laser Principle

This principle finds where your target market hangs out (Shotgun), then adjusts focus to a tight beam (Laser) in when you find it.

For example, I put out road signs  for one of my businesses.

The signs advertised “window screens and screen door repair” and appealed to everyone driving by (SHOTGUN).

Lots of homeowners responded. But when we got a few property managers to call, that was paydirt!

A thorn in the side for property managers is getting a house or apartment ready for rental. Our mobile service solved their problem.

After interviewing a few “Client Crushes”, we obtained a mailing list of every property manager in our county (LASER).

By using the intel gained by the interviews, we quickly scaled this humble screen repair business to five figures monthly!

Craptastic Platforms

“Craptastic Platforms” are testing grounds for your marketing message.

These are free venues for advertising, like Craigslist, thrify nickel ads, the LetGo app, or neighborhood buy/sell groups.

You may not sell a lot using the free option, but it’s a great shotgun appoach to refine your market and your message.

Business Facebook Page

Your business’s Facebook Page is a free platform that can become THE most powerful piece of your overall marketing strategy.

To get tips for winning designs (or remakes) that YOU can do without special training in 15 minutes or less, come to the One Day Business Plan Group on Facebook!

Get on Page One of Google, FREE

Every business owner understands the power of free exposure.

Wouldn’t it be great if a prospective client that’s actually SEARCHING for a solution,
…ended up clicking on YOUR business when they were ready to buy?

It’s easy to get multiple first page listings without any programming knowledge.

Don’t guess whether the Shoestring101 solution might work for you…

You can click here, or just put “hack local search” into Google and find our seven tips!

USP: Your “Elevator Pitch”


Words that SELL: Sales Copy


GEO: the “Good Enough Offer”


Testing: where the rubber meets the road


Your POT of GOLD… design a self-liquidating funnel