The One Day Business Plan

The One Day Business Plan. I like the sound of that, don’t you?

This is actually less a “business plan” and more a sales and marketing plan.

But since the sales and marketing plan is an integral part of a business plan, and I’m going to argue that it’s the most neglected and least understood.

One Day Business Plan

Coffee, a tablecloth, a coupla hours’ work + some ingenuity. The ONE Day Business Plan

The sum and substance of the 24 Hour Business Plan is this:

SELL something NOW.

As in, right now.

Rather than dressing it up, take the most basic version of what you think you want to offer and… write an offer.

And put that offer “out there”.

A Good Enough Plan Now is Better than a Perfect Plan Later

Rather than a slick sales presentation, use a GEO: Good Enough Offer.

If the GEO gets sales, then you not only have a bona fide opportunity…  but you have two of the most valuable assets you can have:

  1. A little CASH in FIST and
  2. The market intelligence that tells you have at least some idea of what sells!

Go for at least three actual sales.

What are actual sales? Sales that DON’T come from your mom or your in-laws. Not from your friend that wants to “help you out”. Not the church group throwing you a bit of charity.

No, these need to be three for-real customers, that are parting with their hard-earned cash.

Because… you’ve made it clear that what you’re selling is worth more to them than the money they’re spending.

Use the cheap (or free!) platforms that are available to you. Offer something for sale.

To be blunt, but truthful… you oughtta  quit trying to do it perfectly; just throw some shit on the wall and see what sticks.


Okay, let’s break it down. What do you have to sell, and what platform should you use to put up your Good Enough Offer?


Products are physical deliverables.

From your used exercise bike (my favorite example) to gift boxes to donuts, products take the least time to sell.

If you have :

  1. Access to something of value and
  2. a way to communicate to folks that value that thing,

…you’ve got a business.

Know where to get 1000 paintballs for $20, and a group of folks accustomed to buying paintballs for $40? Yer off to the races! Buy boxes, ship boxes, collect the diff.

All you need to do is cultivate a buying list and you have a very NON-time-consuming biz opportunity.

Unfortunately, if you are making the product yourself it’s time-intensive anyway. But wherever you’re starting, use these easy ways to begin to market your product:

Platforms. Use your computer or your phone. List your stuff on Craiglist (or the Craigslist Pro app), eBay (or the eBayMobile app), Wallapop, LetGo, Etsy, Carousell, VarageSale, Decluttr. There might be some other apps or sites to use in your area or for your particular kind of product.

Also, for folks that sell products on Craigslist ya might also try NextDoor or Facebook neighborhood-based selling groups.

One Day Biz Plan take a picture

Take a good shot of your target customers — or THEIR targets 😉 enjoying the product

Words that Sell: Don’t feel the need to be fancy. List the item, the price, your contact info. Easy as pie.

If you can post a picture of the item, or preferably a picture of a HUMAN enjoying the product, that’s a plus.  Answer questions promptly and see if you can get PAID.

Follow Up. MOST of all business that’s done, anywhere, is repeat business. Yours or someone else’s. Make sure it’s yours; get the names and contact info of every customer so you can let them know you were thinking about ’em just before their paintballs ran out.



If what you have to offer is a service, you can usually make bank pretty quickly if your service is in demand.

One Day Biz Challenge

At first we used signs to advertise. Now Google serves up customers without charge—NICE! Learn more in the One Day Biz Challenge

If what you offer is local it’s possible to get jobs through Craigslist; some of my first dollars from screen repair came through that venue.

<==Also, signs do pretty well. My son and I made six and before we were finished putting them out, we got our first customer!

Let’s look at other ways to advertise your service:

Fiverr, Upwork, FiverUP, SEOclerk, Damongo, GIGBucks.

Zeerk works like Fiverr but pays commish the same day instead of after a two week delay.

Words That Sell: I like the R,T,O plan: list the (desired) Result, followed by the Time frame in which that result will be delivered, and as if reading your prospect’s mind address the Objection.


“Your lawn will be greener than any of your neighbor’s in five treatments even if you think you have a brown thumb”
“Get a job offer on Indeed  in two weeks, even if you think your resume is too weak”
“Lose 15 pounds in 15 days and still enjoy your favorite foods”.

Now, it should go without saying that you should be able to deliver in the promises written in these beautiful RTO models 😉

WOOP! WOOP! Profound statement alert:
{{{Words make people do things, especially things they already want to do.}}}
So learn how to write offers.


Know stuff?

If you know something that people are interested to learn, a great way to make a quick $100-$1000 is to offer a class.

Most recently I used a Facebook event page to promote a ladies’ self-defense class.

11 participants X $45 = dang near five hundred bucks for a three-hour class.

I already had the location so the only overhead was a 24 pack of bottled water.

Now, it’s not bragging when you know you’ve done something good for someone else, that they coldn’t do for themselves, that you charged them for. It’s just good business.

Words make people do things, especially things they want to do.

Words that Sell:

The RTO formula isn’t the only template that works. I also like the “For… I will” copy that works so well for services on Fiverr.

It doesn’t have to be Fiverr, you understand; just list what you will do and for what price.


“For $5 I will write a romantic poem for your Valentine’s card”
“For $20 plus gas I will rent my motorcycle to you for six hours”
“For $100 I will design you a killer logo and upload it to all your social media properties”

Don’t Forget the Most Important Part of Your Business Plan

I mentioned it before in this post: the most important part of your One Day Business Plan is the followup after you get three honest-to-God customers.

With all these ways and means to sell, it’s easy as falling off a log to make a little bank. But remember, the money is NOT in your product. It’s in your market.

Making money afterward is even EASIER than the log drop if you know what you’re doing.

Here’s the most overlooked, underrated and most VITAL SECRET about making a business successful. It’s realizing that every single sale you make is an introduction. Every relationship you nurture makes you closer to financial freedom.

Yes, I’m talking about your customer listTHE most valuable asset any business can possibly have.

So when you make a sale, be sure to save the contact information of your buyer… and remain in contact.

It’s easiest to make a sale to an existing customer. Just give them more of what they already want.

BIG truth… It doesn’t have to be what you sold them in the first place. It just needs to be something they want.

If you deserve their trust, they will buy from you again.




  1. Kathy Hogan says:

    Ahhhh….but you are neglecting one integral point (at least for those of us who desire to be digital [or maybe even brick n mortar] marketers) and that is….wait for it…The List. if one doesn’t have a list it doesn’t matter how flippin’ good your product, service, ebook/info, class, copy writing is if you don’t have anyone to sell to. Maybe THAT will be my product..”How To Build Your Tribe”…then I’ll use my own advice and THEN, I’ll have my list! LOL.

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