How to Cold Contact B2B Using Facebook, Step by Step

Why would any small business owner want to learn to cold contact B2B using Facebook?

If your business serves other businesses, the lifeblood is getting new leads.

But getting those leads can be like walking barefoot into your kid’s room.

You never know what sharp objects you might step on, just trying to do your job!

This guide will show you how to navigate the landmines, while getting to the gold:

New leads, new relationships, new accounts,

…and new money.

I can’t promise you the kind of results that I’ve had, BUT..!

It’s possible to make sales the same day you try this.

Let’s dive in!

Cold Contact B2B Using Facebook Step 1: Search

It isn’t hard to find businesses that need your products and services.

What can be hard is finding the right approach to make business connections that last.

The best way is to test, test, and test some more… and do it LIVE with real subjects.

Here’s how I got a pile of new contacts to sell to,

…and make them HAPPY that I called on them!

Step one is to know your target customer.

For this case study I typed my target audience, “real estate broker” into the search bar.

cold contact B2B search results... click to embiggen ;-)

Over 200 results in my geographical area!

Finding prospects to cold contact B2B using Facebook is a snap; these guys WANT to be found.

You’ve narrowed down the field to your exact audience.

Now for the first “money move”. Read on…

Cold Contact B2B Using Facebookstep 2: Like and PM

Before striking up a conversation with a business, you’ll want to “like” their business.

Caution: do this over the course of 2 or 3 days.

Facebook doesn’t like you texting too many businesses, one after the other.

Makes ya look like a ‘bot, or worse… a spammer. Which you are not, if you are honestly offering value.

After I “copy and pasted” the same opener to about ten businesses,

…FB began giving me the message “this feature is not available right now” -in red letters. Not a good sign.

To fix this, I made sure to:

  • keep the number of businesses I was contacting to a limit of ten per day, and
  • vary the wording of the opening sentence

Now, I should tell you that at first I crashed and burned the art of cold contact B2B using Facebook.

This is because I was trying too hard to “sell“:

Me, me,me. How d'ya LIKE me?? This greeting was met by the sound of crickets...

Me, me,me. How d’ya LIKE meeee?? This first greeting was met by the sound of crickets… (NO reply)

Getting a conversation going with a prospective B2B customer is a lot like dating.

Ya might get your face slapped a few times before you “score”.

Others gave me the brush-off. And no wonder! I was going for the jugular without building a real conversation

Others gave me the brush-off. And no wonder! I was going for the jugular without building a real conversation

There’s a true art to selling, without selling. Sound confusing? Maybe, but absolutely true.

But take heart, young padawan! You’ve just taken your first step into a larger world 😉

Learn to use the “Jedi mind trick” move…

Cold Contact B2B Using Facebook Step 3: Ask Open-ended Questions

PMing a “cold” prospect is like trying a pickup line in a bar.

Now, before you feel too icky for practicing your pickup lines,

…realize that you and your prospect dressed up to go out for a reason.

If you didn’t want to socialize, you wouldn’t be hanging out where people talk in the first place.

But ya gotta have skillz 😉

So while your end game is to ask for the sale… don’t lead with that.

Instead of just pushing a link, start a real conversation.

Ask your prospect open-ended questions:

This broker knows her biz... she thinks I'M the prospect. And that's okay, at least we're talking

This broker knows her biz… she thinks I’M the prospect. And that’s okay, at least we’re talking

It really doesn’t matter what the reply is, as long as you begin a conversation…

The power of the open-ended question: One broker said yes, the other said no. But again, we are talking

The power of the open-ended question: One broker said yes, the other said no. But again, we are talking…

Whether the prospect says yes or no to this ice-breaker question, the main thing is that we are now engaged in an actual conversation.

A conversation that began without ME talking about ME.

Now for the “ninja” move…

Cold Contact B2B Using Facebook Step 4: Pivot

Note that above ^ I began the open-ended questions with:

  • my prospect’s first name and
  • the particular area that he/she serves

That variation in text takes care of Facebook’s radar.

I’m not just cut-and-pasting the same thing like a ‘bot or a spammer.

But since I’ve broken the ice and have a real conversation on my hands,

…I can now pivot the prospect’s interest.


cold contact B2B search results

I keep this script on hand because it works. “Whoops, sorry!” –HERE’s the pivot ^

Every time (so far) that I pivot the conversation with the prospect’s interests in mind, they are more open.

Which brings us to the “end game move “:

Cold Contact B2B Using Facebook Step 5: ASK

Now for the equivalent of asking for your target’s phone number…

…you ask for permish to contact your prospect again.

She's interested! Time to ask permish to contact again.

She’s interested! Time to ask permish to contact again.

The ONLY thing you should be focused on right now, is to establish contact.

NOT making an immediate sale.

You’ll want to ASK…
(or, even better! …let your contact ask)
…for further information.

Remember, the fortune is in the follow-up.

Your goal is to establish a timeframe and a method for getting back together again soon.

cold contact B2B contacts

Often, you don’t even have to ask permission to contact again. If you’re offering real value, THEY may chase YOU


One of the best things about cold PMing is that you can have several conversations, at different levels, going on all at once!

cold contact B2B multiple screens open


Okay, Steppers!

This is it for this Step-by-Step: How to Cold Contact B2B using Facebook.

In the meantime I’ll challenge you to try these principles:

  • determine the exact audience you will be targeting
  • “like” the business so you can PM them
  • use open-ended questions to start the ball rolling
  • “pivot” at the correct moment to tell them your story
  • ASK for the permission to contact them again.

Need help on any of these five Steps? Put your Q’s in the comments.

Til then,

Keep Stepping!



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