Get Your Local BUSINESS on Page One… NOT Your Local Business’s WEBSITE

Get Your Local BUSINESS on Page One, Not your Local Business’s Website PROBLEM: Your local business is not on page one of Google. BIGGER PROBLEM: You’ve spent hours and hours, and a lot of dollars. But your website is STILL stuck on page two… where local businesses go to die 🙁 It’s crazy hard for […]

Don’t Give Out Business Cards

Gonna break without hallowed tradition here. My best advice to people starting out in business is that they DON’T give out business cards. What do folks think they need to “be officially in business”? A card, right? WRONG. This post is going to spell out the difference between doing business… and “playing” business. Why Would […]

The Most Important Asset in ANY Business: Not What You Might Think

Ever hear the saying, “Take away a millionaire’s fortune, and in two years he’ll have it all back”? That saying used to really bother me. Not because I suspected it wasn’t true… we’ve all heard stories of men and women that have experienced loss and then came back stronger than ever. What bothered me was […]

Giving Away My Copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing”

The strangest book recommendation I’ll ever make. I’m giving my copy away free: So I just read a book called “The Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing”. I give it one star out of five. (WHOA, Kurt… how is that a recommendation?!?!) Well, it’s not a bad book… it’s actually a well-written and extremely useful […]

5 Steps to Make Sales Copy EASY

Make sales copy easy? Tune into today’s marketing minute and see if it’s even possible. The PROBLEM: Make Sales Copy Easier When you’re a small business owner it’s CRAZY HARD to write your own sales copy! Because you’re a expert in your small business. Beautiful products, amazing services… the best around at what YOU do. […]

Three Counter-Intuitive Practices That Have Made Me Piles of Money

Sometimes the darkest moments in life are when you get the biggest breaks. Here’s a story about how I learned a 3 very important lessons about marketing, right in the middle of a DISASTER. These 3 suprising ideas.. and the counter-intuitive practices I adopted as a result… have made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. […]

How to Cold Contact B2B Using Facebook, Step by Step

Why would any small business owner want to learn to cold contact B2B using Facebook? If your business serves other businesses, the lifeblood is getting new leads. But getting those leads can be like walking barefoot into your kid’s room. You never know what sharp objects you might step on, just trying to do your […]

The One Day Business Plan

The One Day Business Plan. I like the sound of that, don’t you? This is actually less a “business plan” and more a sales and marketing plan. But since the sales and marketing plan is an integral part of a business plan, and I’m going to argue that it’s the most neglected and least understood. […]

4 Steps to Make Your Word of Mouth Advertising Blow UP!

In today’s two minute read, discover 4 Steps to Make Your Word of Mouth Advertising BLOW UP! (uh, in a good way 😉 ) Heya, Steppers! Ready to do one thing that makes your business better today? Woudja appreciate tne powerful strategy to make your word of mouth advertising go sky high, …that makes everything else […]

Install Habits: Increase Success in Business and Life

Welcome back! In the last installment of this series, we visited the phenomenon of “ego depletion”. Willpower has a limit. No matter how “Strong willed” a person is, there’s a breaking point where he or she reaches for the donuts, or the pipe, or the bottle. Whatever YOUR weak point is… whether it’s procrastination (guilty!), […]