Don’t Give Out Business Cards

Gonna break without hallowed tradition here. My best advice to people starting out in business is that they DON’T give out business cards.

What do folks think they need to “be officially in business”?

A card, right?


don't give business cards

Giving  business cards is largely a waste of time: “Playing business” instead of DOING business

This post is going to spell out the difference between doing business… and “playing” business.

Why Would I Say, “Don’t Give Out Business Cards”..?

Most folks don’t really know what the card is actually for.

And who could blame them?

Tradition has taught them:

“Give your business card to everyone you meet.”

Your cards go in their pockets… then into the trash.

MOST folks have no idea what to actually DO with business cards.

They think that if they don’t give out business cards. that people will think they’re not really seriously in business…

It’s a matter of mindset: “Oh, I just give out business cards like snowflakes. It’s a numbers game!”

We think out of ten cards… sure, most will be lost, filed or ignored.

BUT..! 1 might actually result in a business transaction.

10 cards out, MAYBE 1 sale?

That’s a bass-ackwards way to play the numbers game in case you’re asking this kid.

Don’t Give Out Business Cards… GET Them Instead

Let’s change the mindset. Here’s an actual example from my screen repair business:

I get called to a house to fix screens. The homeowner is selling; the buyer wants them done.

The Realtor comes to the house while I’m working. I ask her, “Do you run into a lot of sellers demanding screens be fixed?”

“Yeah, I DO…” says the Realtor. “Do you have a card?”

“Not on me…” I reply.

(I don’t tell her that I never bothered to print any)

“….can I have one of YOURS?”

The Realtor is going to get a call later:

“Sandra, it was a pleasure meeting you at the Johnson house. Are there other closings you’re working now?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. The Jorgensons need their screen door fixed!”


But it doesn’t end there.

Don’t Give Out Business Cards… Instead, Work the Leads you GET

Sandra’s card is for Platinum Group Realtors.

I ‘like’ their page.

Which opens up a chat conversation.

“Hello, I just completed some work for Sandra Smith. I do screen repair on site. Sandra is going to have me repair a screen door for her, just in time for a closing. Would your Realtors like a rate sheet for our on-site service?”

…Platinum Group Realtors is typing a reply…

“We have 34 Realtors. If you come in, I’d be happy to put your information in each of their inboxes.”

Outgoing Marketing. Foot in the door = opportunity knocks 34 times instead of once 🙂

Even. More. Excellent.

THAT’s what ya do with business cards.

Don’t hand out YOUR card and pray that somebody gets back to you…

…instead, GET a card.

And work that freakin’ lead.

Keep Stepping,



  1. Brilliant! I’m going to share this with my sales team. Thank you!

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