5 Steps to Make Sales Copy EASY

Make sales copy easy?

Tune into today’s marketing minute and see if it’s even possible.

The PROBLEM: Make Sales Copy Easier

When you’re a small business owner it’s CRAZY HARD to write your own sales copy!

Because you’re a expert in your small business. Beautiful products, amazing services… the best around at what YOU do.

But you’re NOT skilled to make sales copy: “salesmanship in print”.

You think you are too close to the process.

Make Sales Copy Easy

Make sales copy easy with this simple template

Common sense says that YOU should be the most qualified person to tell others about your business…

…but when you try to write copy, the “right words” just elude you.

But what if there was a way to make sales copy easy?

Make Sales Copy Easy for YOUR Business

What if there was a simple structure for make sales copy easy?

A step by step formula… that works EVERY time… a template that made everything a whole lot easier?

Then you could stop worrying “but I’m not a good copywriter” because that’s nonsense.

You’re are an EXPERT in what you do.

With a fill-in-the-blanks template you’ll also be an expert at selling!

Good news is, a killer template like this exists.

Keep reading, and “copy” this down 😉

This 5-Step Formula Makes Sales Copy Easy

Forget fancy bullet points and slick wording.

Just talk with your audience like you were sitting with a friend having coffee.


1) Name the audience and their problem.

2) Describe why that problem hasn’t been solved yet.

3) Hint there’s one simple thing your audience did not know, that would totally solve that problem!

4) Describe the transformation if your audience had the solution.

5) Tell them EXACTLY what to do next!

That “what to do next” ^ might be a “like” for your page… click for info… request for email, a referral… even a sale.

Or a REPEAT sale.

Five easy steps.

Look Back ^ and See. Did We Make Sales Copy Easy?

Haha don’t look now… but this formula was used in this very post!

Scroll up and see. I walked you through these five steps:

My audience and their problem: business owners that don’t know how to write sales copy.

Why their problem isn’t solved yet: underconfident, too close to the process

One simple thing you didn’t know: that there’s persuasive formula that works every time

The transformation: you’ll be as expert at selling as you are in the rest of your business

Then to go for the jugular, the call to action.

The action you took was to keep reading. 

Go back and reread.

You’ll never be at a loss for the right sales copy again!

Keep Stepping,




  1. So good, Kurt! I can totally relate… I think you secretly wrote this post for me. 🙂 Thanks for the simple formula!

    • Kurt Frankenberg

      Not at all Ryan! There’s more where that came from; almost all copywriting can be reduced to formulas and fill-in-the-blank. The trick is knowing which formulas to use and what context.

      Keep Stepping,

      Kurt Frankenberg recently posted…5 Steps to Make Sales Copy EASYMy Profile

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