4 Steps to Make Your Word of Mouth Advertising Blow UP!

In today’s two minute read, discover 4 Steps to Make Your Word of Mouth Advertising BLOW UP!
(uh, in a good way 😉 )
Heya, Steppers! Ready to do one thing that makes your business better today?
Woudja appreciate tne powerful strategy to make your word of mouth advertising go sky high,
…that makes everything else you’re doing to market your business better, or unnecessary?
Mm. Thought so.
==> Bullet list, first thing in the morn:
  • It’s really, REALLY important to get feedback about your business.
  • It’s critical to get postive reviews as well. 
  • And the lifeblood of new customer acquisition is having glowing testimonials from your existing customer base.
  • Finally, you gots to have word of mouth, dawg. Get referrals, your cheapest and best way to score more business
SO, my favorite Stepper…
Howza bout getting ALL FOUR ^  key pieces of effective word-of-mouth advertising, in one fell swoop?
“Wooohooo!” I hear ya saying. “NOW you’re talking…”
So one of my SS101 marketing clients is a chiropractor. Recently, we sent his patients a four questions survey. As a result he has 48 reviews on Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp.
That pile of word of mouth advertising happened to increase his profits, even in the middle of a huge transition for his business.
All this because I sent ONE carefully worded email to his customer base, and had him follow an easy step-by-step…
(…and you know I’m all about those step-by-steps, don’tcha Steppers!)
Okay. So here’s how to get a huge pile of feeback,postive reviews, and glowing testimonials:
  1. Buy a gift. In my chiropractor’s case it was an Emerson 50″ HD TV, about $300.
  2. Send an email to your existing customers. Explain you NEED feedback, and that if they take a two-minute, four question survey they get their name in the hat to win the prize
  3. Put this four-question survey in SurveyMonkey (it’s free) and let the games begin!
Oh. At this point it might be good to tell you what the four questions are…
You’ll want to personalize them a bit for your particular biz,  but don’t complicate them.
Stick to just these four questions.
Here ya go:
  • What problem did you first call us to solve?
  • How did we solve it for you?
  • How did it make you feel to have this solution?
  • Can we quote you on that? 🙂 Would you post a review, and/or would it be okay to tell others what you said about our service?
Lookee. Feedback, reviews, and testimonials quick as ya please.
And sometimes this quickie contest leads to new business… referrals… as well.
And, BONUS! Ya might notice that each review/testimonial follows a template.
The perfect “problem-solution-feelings”  format, that lends itself perfectly to your copywriting.
Now, some critics of this method might say that you are paying for reviews.
(Uh, I’m thinking…yeah… soooo…?)
But the plain truth is that while you ARE kinda fishing for compliments, you will get valuable feedback from negative comments too. Which is perfectly fine.
Use that intel with the right frame of mind, striving to improve your service (or in some cases, to weed out problem customers… I’ve done that too). Just know that feedback, both negative and positive is vital to your biz.
Meanwhile, utilize that postive feedback, mmmk..?
Without stretching the imagination you can see that feedback becomes the basis for:
  • Discovering your niche and your USP
  • Testimonials you can sprinkle into your ad copy
  • Reviews that build credibility and visibility to your biz!
Can ya dig it?
Ah, but Grasshopper. Remember that wisdom without action is dead.
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to use the four questions method to populate your copy.
Word of mouth advertising is both the cheapest AND the most effective way to score scads of new bizness.
But you have to be purposeful about it, or the next guy will run you the h*ll over.
Let me know what you find out about marketing and improving YOUR biz with these simple steps.
Til then,
Keep Stepping!



  1. Thanks for sharing an incredibly powerful, and potentially
    bank account filling strategy Kurt!

    I love the twist of using the ethical bribe, free drawing angle!Totally cool and creative bud! I’ll definitely have to share i with my audience, and reference you as the source of origin, of course!LOL! Thanks!

    Your strategy is extremely practical and relatively inexpensive! A great combination!LOL!
    Mark recently posted…The Powerful Success Secret The One Eyed Cyclops Can Teach All Aspiring Entrepreneurs!My Profile

    • Kurt Frankenberg

      Thanks Mark.

      Recently that chiropractor booked way more business than my modest fee, while the repeat biz is sure to keep him in green for a long time. Of course, this only works if your business owner provides real value. He’s making my job easy by putting his clients first and doing a crack-up job. 😉

      Keep Stepping,
      Kurt Frankenberg recently posted…4 Steps to Make Your Word of Mouth Advertising Blow UP!My Profile

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