How I’m Promoting the “ISH” Outta My Blog… FREE!

Hello Steppers!

In today’s friggin’ AWE-INSPIRING, 1,000 word, four flippin’ sweet minutes to read post:

My new virtual BEST FRIEND (yes virtual… never even shook her hand 😉 );
My BLATANTLY COPYING everything she says to do in her landmark post;
The beginning of my four-week experiment to see if I indeed double my traffic.


Introducing the Queen of Traffic, Ana Hoffman.ana

Ana is a Russian-born American citizen that’s cracked the code for internet traffic. Her blog, is an ongoing quest to teach (by example) the most cutting-edge techniques for getting the right eyeballs to your site… FREE.

Yes, free. Now, there are a few investments to be made; a serious blogger or marketer of any kind knows that certain premium services need to be had at a price. If you check Ana’s site it’s recently been tricked out by legendary web designer Ian Belanger… she has all the best paid plugins, apps, bells, whistles.

But..! What Ana DOESN’T spend money on is pay-per-click TRAFFIC.

She generates all that by way of:

1) (paraphrasing Corbett Barr) she writes some seriously EPIC… um, ‘ISH.
2) She invests nothing but a little time applying military-grade blog post promotion techniques.

Which I’ll share some of in this post.

There’s a pretty fantastic claim on Ana’s front page: DOUBLE your TRAFFIC in 30 DAYS.

Mmmmkay. So I wrote Ana and asked her did she really get 5280 likes to her Facebook page… 4,186 followers on Twitter… 200,000 views on SlideShare… and multiple hundreds of comments on dozens of her blog posts… FREE?

“Yes,” Ana replied. “I never paid a dime of any of it.”

So, though she writes with a Russian accent 😉 we’ll cut her some slack.

My Four Week Traffic-Doubling Challenge

promote-your-blog-infographicI began my four week challenge on August 17. That’s when I decided to siddown and actually go, step-by step, through this infographic.

I wanted to report my two-week findings on the 31st but I’m a few days early. Look for another, followup post on September 14 (or thereabouts) for the full four-week challenge.

Heh. things are lookin’ GOOD so far…

Phase One: Bookmarking

The  “bookmarking” phase was a tiny bit tedious to set up, but it’s easy to see how it saves MASSIVE time in the future.

Essentially, you use Google Chrome or another browser that allows you to open a dozen or more tabs at once. Then you dedicate a folder in your bookmarks to sharing sites like,, etc.

Also in your tabs folder are your social media properties: your Facebook page, your Google+ page, LinkedIn, etc.

Once you’ve prepared your folder with every bloomin’ internet address you wanna blast your post out to…

We gotta go to Phase Two: The Vitals

Note to the reader: I’m blatantly copy-and-pasting the following directly from Ana’s post. There is a LOT there that I did not copy or capture for this li’l old post of mine so if you really want the straight poop, go to and let her drop the knowledge.


Before you can efficiently promote your new blog post, you need to gather the following information about it:

  1. Post URL.
  2. Post title.
  3. Short description – the kind that would make someone want to click on it.
  4. Bloggers who you linked out to/mentioned in your post (and you should link out in EVERY post you write!).
  5. Tags (keywords that describe your post).
Ana Hoffman's "Vitals" of each post. These are copy-and-pasted by hand to PILES of sharing sites in about fifteen minutes flat.

Ana Hoffman’s “Vitals” of each post. These are copy-and-pasted by hand to PILES of sharing sites in about 15 minutes flat. Ya GOTTA see the video to appreciate how easy this simple plan works.

(Okay, back to Kurt) After organizing “Vitals” of each post, it’s time to open up all of your bookmarked blog promotion tabs at once. You get on your bizsugar page, por exemplar, and copy in the link… moving on to your myseocommunity page… and so on.

You’ve got to see Ana in action doing this to fully appreciate the speed and efficiency:

How to Promote the “ISH” Outta Your Blog by Ana Hoffman (video)

Okay, so after plugging into blog sharing pages, it’s time to move on to social media. Ana recommends that using a post scheduler, you share 3X on Twitter throughout the day…  plus several updates to your Facebook like so:

(Ana again) Schedule at least 3 updates focusing on different aspects of the post.

  • Ask a question; link to the post with an answer.
  • Upload an image from the post.
  • Upload a video from the post.
  • Post a comment with food for thought.
  • Give your fans a challenge.

(Back again to the Kurtster) Following Twitter it’s on to Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus. It’s as easy as copying and pasting your “Vitals”, plus doing a few certain tweaks that pertain to each social medium. F’rinstance, on Pinterest you share images and videos with appropriate titles and captions. Again, you just gotta visit Ana to get the full treatment; I’m just hitting the highlights here.

A Few More Key Insights I got From Ana’s Method

Besides the cool, quickie copy-and-“post” technique, Ana’s 10 Steps to Ultimate Blog Promotion  contained:

  • The importance of shout-outs and enlisting the help of fellow bloggers;
  • Mailing your email list to alert them to yer new, AWESOME content;
  • Using CommentLuv to attract comments on your own post;
  • Commenting on CommentLuv-enabled blogs to point link juice and friends your way (I have a BRILLIANT post on this subject entitled, How Your Comments Add Value 😉 )
  • Internal linking: see the above bullet point for a shameless example of that
  • Finally, and probably the most important: CONTENT LEVERAGING. Once you put your heart and soul, not to mention copious amounts of caffeine, into your post… why not ‘spin’ the content into a PDF… a SlideShare… a YouTube vid… on and on.

This last method has worked out very well for me on my other blogs; f’rexample I have site about finance that’s done well with essetially the same content in PDF form… emails… webinars… and videos. ONE medium does okay, TWO media give it more buzz… THREE or FOUR or MORE shoot all of your content into the stratosphere. Because it’s shareable and accessible to more markets.

Well, dear Stepper I’ve used up my 1,000 words. It’d be WELL WORTH IT for you to join me in this quest. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Ana claims never to have paid a time for any traffic. Likewise, I have never paid for any visits to Shoestring101. But lookee at the big-arse boost in traffic I’ve gotten over the last coupla weeks:

Gradual rise... BIG SPIKE as I added a single post... falloff because o' my mom-and-pop hosting :-( and it blows back up again. Thanks Ana!

Gradual rise… BIG SPIKE as I added a single post… falloff because o’ my mom-and-pop hosting 🙁 and it blows back up again. Thanks Ana!

You may see a sudden drop-off but that was not due to this promotion method… it was due to my hosting company changing servers without informing me and traffic being totally suspended for nearly 24 hours. Nevertheless you see a climb, then the precipitous plunge… then a climb again.

I am ONLY using methods recommended by Ana Hoffman, and even so I haven’t found time to do ’em ALL… yet you can see we’ve had a preety dramatic result here so far.

So who would like to join me in this grand experiment? For the next two weeks I’ll continue to use these methods and report to you again. Do it with me! Put your commitment to try in the comments. Whoever gets the greatest spike in traffic from September 1-30 will receive a $25 gift card to Starbucks, not to mention… well, a huge spike in traffic. Duh. Leave me your commitment to participate in the comments section. Til then,

Keep Stepping!


P.S. Did I mention that this is just a summary of SOME of Ana Hoffman’s traffic hacks for doubling your traffic? For the rest; run, don’t walk (well, okay, CLICK) and go to see Ten Steps to Ultimate Blog Promotion on


  1. Sara

    Amazeballs! I’m a fan of Ana’s too. I’m about to go watch her video. Another really cool traffic wiz girl is Michelle of GirlBloggerNextDoor.

    Over the years, I’ve picked up advice here and there and experimented on traffic generation. This year (2016) I’m doing a huge traffic experiment for a new blog. Interested in seeing the outcome toward the end of the year.

    I include some of the same tactics Ana suggests (slideshare works). I once did a guest post for someone and included a slideshare and it received over 1,000 views – highest ever for me.

    Thanks for sharing your real life experiments – helps to see the work + results.
    Sara recently posted…My Traffic Map 2016: One Day After The Blog Post Goes LiveMy Profile

  2. It sounds like I need to get back to the basics. When I started my first website about 10 years ago I spent a good bit of time doing something very similar to the bookmarking step you described here. I didn’t really see any results at the time, and I never tried it again. Looking back now I realize that it may be that I didn’t see results simply because I didn’t know what I was looking for. I was new on the webmaster scene and wading through the truckloads of confusing and often conflicting information I wqas finding about web marketing. After r eading this I think I’ll take step back and re-evalute, and try again. My experience since then should help me see things more clearly. =)

    I also particularly like the shout-out to fellow bloggers. I think this is a step that forgotten all too often. I’ve posted several “Top 10 website for so-and-so” articles one of my blogs and I always reach out to the people I am linking to to let them know. More often than not, they post about my post, bringing in more attention for both of us. It works!

    I am so in on this experiment! =)

  3. Awesome post, Kurt!!! I’m traveling around the country right now, but as soon as I get in one place for a bit I am going to apply these steps and promote the ISH out of my blog.

    Thanks dude!
    Cody Stevenson recently posted…How To Become A BloggerMy Profile

  4. Hey Kurt,

    I have had your post saved to read and I just now realized that I haven’t read it!

    I sorta have an excuse, I lost my best friend at the end of July so it’s been a rough road getting back to a normal routine. But enough for the excuses and I’m back so I wanted to be sure and read your post.

    I haven’t read Ana’s post either but have that one on my agenda too. We can always use more traffic right and I really appreciate you doing this experiment and sharing it with your readers. I’ll have to be sure and go check out your September post now since I’m so late in responding to this one.

    I think it’s time for me to do a test of my own! 😉 Thanks so much and off I go.

    Adrienne recently posted…7 Ways To Run An Unsuccessful Mobile Email CampaignMy Profile

  5. Guess it’s time the rest of us follow Ana Hoffman’s footsteps too, eh?
    James Robinson recently posted…My new siteMy Profile

  6. I love free traffic. In fact I’m getting pretty obsessed with it. I love discovering new techniques and tricks, and funny you should mention it above, I am about to install CommentLuv on my blog to see if I can give more value back to my readers.
    Mark G McKnight recently posted…Simple Traffic Solutions: Will They Work For You? – ReviewMy Profile

  7. Hey Kurt!

    Awesome post! It’s super cool how you reached out to Ana. I’m going to try out the 4 week challenge and hopefully will see some good results as well. I do most of these things already although I’m not big on asking others for help but I’ll try! =) Good luck on your continued success!

    Nichole recently posted…How to Choose the Right Keywords & Where to Find ThemMy Profile

    • kurtf

      Well we all need a little lift sometime. I’m happy to volunteer to help you promote your blog because I’m happy with its message and I kinda think yer okay too 😉 Thanks for the well wishes. I’m not even hitting all cylinders yet, only using part of Ana’s method so far. But PLEASED with the two-week results! Going to buckle down and do it more and better.

      Keep Stepping,

      kurtf recently posted…How I’m Promoting the My Profile

  8. This is all a bit over my head. Someone needs to translate this Cheat Sheet for us newbies! Can you explain the bookmarking thing?

    • Hope Kurt doesn’t mind my butting in with a reply to Sabrina…but the bookmarking is explained beautifully in Ana’s youtube video. The link is at around the middle of this post.

      And I must say…that is some epic organizational skills Ana! Certainly beats sitting here going…uh…which one did I forget…oh yeah, that one. And I know there’s another one I’m forgetting… BRILLIANT!

      Thanks Kurt for regurgitating Ana’s tips and tricks. I hadn’t seen any of this previously. (I won’t be participating in your experiment though. It’s scary to be held publically accountable. But I will be following your progress.)
      Sylvia recently posted…CrowdfundingMy Profile

      • kurtf

        Oh, Sylvia! Not trying to scare anyone off with public disclosure… I’m just asking folks to come along with me and try these methods. Share as much or as little as you like.

        As to Ana’s tips: GO to her SITE. Print off that big infographic and post it on the wall. And take some notes. I’ve been back to her page a couple times and she’s updated it with some new great stuff as well.

        Keep Stepping,

        kurtf recently posted…How I’m Promoting the My Profile


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