Take Your Side Hustle to Full Time Income, Part 1

I got an email from one of my Subscribers: “I have a side income  and a full time job. I would love to just do my business, but can’t afford to ‘quit the day job’… yet. How do I take my side hustle to full time income?” This Subscriber has a small biz on the […]

Business Owners: This is the Next Thing You Should Do

In this blog post: a “dirty” secret about how to make more sales and profits in your small business, just by making a few tweaks to what you’re probably already doing. By the time you finish this quick, low-calorie blog post (take ya three minutes, yo)… …you’ll know I’m right. A few tweaks will make […]

Shoestring Marketing Strategy for Non-Profits

Hello Steppers! Today I’m writing about using a Shoestring marketing strategy… for non-profits. Shoestring101 is known for helping folks start a business, or revitalize an existing one with new sales… but spending NO or LOW dough to get the results. But lean entrepreneurship isn’t just for business. These ideas aren’t just useful to make a […]

Use Fiverr to Validate Your Small Business Idea

This just in: “market research” shows that Readers of Shoestring 101 are more intelligent and overall attractive. HEYA GORGEOUS! 😉 Validate Your Business Idea: WHY and HOW Today’s post is about how to throw your idea out there for an internet biz, then “VALIDATE” it to see if it has real merit. Also, an update […]

Get PAID per Lead: Reversing the Traditional Marketing Model

Today’s post is for: Intermediate to Advanced Marketers, but only the ones that want to get PAID per lead instead of the other way around. Ahem… that’s YOU 🙂 How to Get Paid Per Lead Instead of PayING for Leads With a blog named Shoestring101, you can believe I like to deliver my readers cheap […]

Walk The Shoestring Steps With Me This Week: Learn To CREATE Value

Today’s Post covers Step THREE: Learn to CREATE Value Words: Hmm, ’bout 1200. Lotsa pictures. Take ya five minutes. Contents: AMAZING! Plus, gluten-free. SO, Steppers. Sorry to have an interruption in posts plus “radio silence”  over the last week or so. I had an opportunity to go visit my Dad in a foreign nation known […]

“Sumo Jerky”: 24-Hour, $1,000 Challenge

Hey Steppers! Another brilliant one with less than 7 minutes reading time 🙂 We’re gonna analyze Noah Kagan’s startup Sumo Jerky and how he was able to start a business with a $1000 profit already in place… within ONE revolution of the planet. In today’s post: My insane jealousy rant  glowing review of Noah Kagan’s […]

Growing a Small Business: Figure Out YOUR “Why”

Greetings, dear Stepper! Today’s post has: ’bout 1000 AWESOME words (4 min reading time) Some cool pics including one o’ General George Patton, one o’ the inside of my brain :-p Crystal clear wisdom… on GETTING crystal clear… about your small businesses’ growth ON this blog normally I share: how really easy it is to […]

How I’m Promoting the “ISH” Outta My Blog… FREE!

Hello Steppers! In today’s friggin’ AWE-INSPIRING, 1,000 word, four flippin’ sweet minutes to read post: My new virtual BEST FRIEND (yes virtual… never even shook her hand 😉 ); My BLATANTLY COPYING everything she says to do in her landmark post; The beginning of my four-week experiment to see if I indeed double my traffic. […]

Effective Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: Part ONE

A lot of the marketing principles that I teach in my books and on this blog were learned PRE-internet. That’s not to say these principles aren’t up-to-date. They’re principles,  not techniques… and therefore don’t have a shelf life. I’m interested… as I’m sure YOU are… in social media, SEO, tweeting about like a twit and […]