Free Local Listing for SEO? Take a “NAP”

In this crackerjack good, no-fluff read you’re going to find out how to spend just $5 and five minutes to get dozens of free local listings, pointing Google juice back to your local business and putting YOUR business on the map. Free Local Listing is Important to YOUR Bottom Line In this day and age […]

How to Validate Your Business Idea on Craiglist

Making money on Craigslist. Yes it does take hustle, but as I tell folks here on my blog, it ONLY takes two other things to be in business: 1) access to a thing (or thingS) of value and 2) a way to communicate to people that value that thing. And Craigslist can provide you with […]

Why Should I Advertise When Word of Mouth is Working So Well?

Words: ’bout 1500 AWESOME ones, yo. Take ya six minutes. What They’re About: Why it’s important to have an ongoing marketing campaign in place, even when it doesn’t seem necessary. Also, how to keep costs for this campaign really, REALLY low. SMALL BIZ MARKETING DEATH MATCH: Word-of-Mouth vs. Paid Advertising I recently had a conversation […]

Walk the Shoestring Steps with Me this Week: Find Out Some W’s

Today’s EPIC Blog Post: Tuesday, Find Out The W’s Day Length: Hmm, ’bout 450 Awesomely Jaw-Droppin’ Words Content: It’s about Target Marketing, yo. Hi again Steppers! Quick, let me apologize if this post seems abrupt and unpolished. It’s because today’s mah berfday and friends and family have quite a few other things planned for me […]

28 Days Later… (Not Zombies, Dude. TRAFFIC.)

Well, Howdy Steppers! In today’s post I’m writing about the results of the four-week challenge I took, using Ana Hoffman’s free traffic building techniques. I was s’posed to start on August 12 but got delayed a bit. So from August 16 to yesterday is where I made my measurements. My initial post, How I’m Promotiing […]

How I’m Promoting the “ISH” Outta My Blog… FREE!

Hello Steppers! In today’s friggin’ AWE-INSPIRING, 1,000 word, four flippin’ sweet minutes to read post: My new virtual BEST FRIEND (yes virtual… never even shook her hand 😉 ); My BLATANTLY COPYING everything she says to do in her landmark post; The beginning of my four-week experiment to see if I indeed double my traffic. […]

Effective Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: Part THREE

In this BRILLIANT post 😉 on Effective Marketing on a Shoestring Budget, Part THREE: 1) The Three Most Important Words in marketing; 2) The Master Key to Creating Value; 3) An advanced “local marketing” example of the Shotgun/Laser Principle I revealed in Effective Marketing on a Shoestring Budget, Part ONE. Marketers Are Paying Attention to […]

How Easy Is It to Start a Small Business?

In today’s reallly quick, four-minutes-to-read post: A great point about how we overcomplicate business startups by going about it bass-ackwards; How to do it right instead; A feature of some of my very favorite “Bros”; Not one, but THREE ways to test a market BEFORE wasting a buttload of cash developing a product no one wants. Ready? […]

How (and WHY) to Use Triberr to Find Like-Minded Bloggers

As we all know, Shoestring Step TWO: Find Out Some W’s is all about connecting to people. Some of those “W’s” include: Who Wants What; Why they Want it, Where they can be found, and hoW… We… may help them get it. Other (more boring 😉 ) folks refer to this Shoestring Step as, “market research”. Learning the […]

How to Make Yourself a Marketing Einstein

Word Count: ’bout 900 with lots of pictures Time to read: ’bout three well-invested minutes The Skinny: My new digest for all things marketing. Scroll down to skip the intro and get the goods from Neil Patel, Ana Hoffman, and Nicholas Tart. Anytime someone wants their message to have a little more credibility, it seems […]