Kick-Ass Low Cost Marketing for Small Business: the “Shotgun/LASER” Technique

In the quest to drive costs down and profits up, low cost marketing for small business is a must. About thirty years ago I discovered a principle that worked  with (uh, obviously) OFF-line advertising.. which translates to even greater results with marketing your small biz online. I thought that you might appreciate knowing the dang […]

Get PAID per Lead: Reversing the Traditional Marketing Model

Today’s post is for: Intermediate to Advanced Marketers, but only the ones that want to get PAID per lead instead of the other way around. Ahem… that’s YOU 🙂 How to Get Paid Per Lead Instead of PayING for Leads With a blog named Shoestring101, you can believe I like to deliver my readers cheap […]

Walk The Shoestring Steps With Me This Week: Learn To CREATE Value

Today’s Post covers Step THREE: Learn to CREATE Value Words: Hmm, ’bout 1200. Lotsa pictures. Take ya five minutes. Contents: AMAZING! Plus, gluten-free. SO, Steppers. Sorry to have an interruption in posts plus “radio silence”  over the last week or so. I had an opportunity to go visit my Dad in a foreign nation known […]

How I’m Promoting the “ISH” Outta My Blog… FREE!

Hello Steppers! In today’s friggin’ AWE-INSPIRING, 1,000 word, four flippin’ sweet minutes to read post: My new virtual BEST FRIEND (yes virtual… never even shook her hand 😉 ); My BLATANTLY COPYING everything she says to do in her landmark post; The beginning of my four-week experiment to see if I indeed double my traffic. […]

HOW do your Comments Create Value?

Content marketing really isn’t all that new. But using it to promote one’s business has become A LOT easier with the advent of social media. The key is making your message helpful, useful, or inspiring… and especially SHAREABLE. Case in point: A few days ago I put out a tweet that illustrated a simple, but […]

Effective Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: Part THREE

In this BRILLIANT post 😉 on Effective Marketing on a Shoestring Budget, Part THREE: 1) The Three Most Important Words in marketing; 2) The Master Key to Creating Value; 3) An advanced “local marketing” example of the Shotgun/Laser Principle I revealed in Effective Marketing on a Shoestring Budget, Part ONE. Marketers Are Paying Attention to […]

Effective Marketing on a Shoestring Budget Part TWO

When I first started to learn about marketing, I was introduced to ‘demographics’. Demographics is the study of people’s age, location, size of their family, income, ethnic background, etc. In other words, it’s a very basic attempt at grouping people so that you can determine how and where to market to them. I don’t think […]

Top 10 Ways to Generate Quick Cash in an Existing Business

Okay Steppers, you asked for it, you got it. “How can I generate short term cash in an existing business?” Actually, this is the easiest thing to do– make money in a short period of time– because in an existing business, you already have the most valuable asset a business owner can have…a list of existing customers! These folks […]

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Ultimate Guides: Kristi Hines

When you flit about the blogosphere in search of genius in this space (marketing, both on- and off-line), sometimes said genius jumps up and B-slaps you. I just gotta share my most recent sting across the cheek. You’re gonna love her, I promise: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Ultimate Guides One of the best ways […]

19 Ways to Create Value out of NOTHING

This post is about 19 Ways to  Create Value Out of NOTHING… plus HOW and WHY you and I can do it. Most people think they have a money problem, when in fact what they have is a creating value problem. You can’t “make” money… the Federal Reserve and the Mints do that. Value, on the other hand, […]