Free Local Listing for SEO? Take a “NAP”

In this crackerjack good, no-fluff read you’re going to find out how to spend just $5 and five minutes to get dozens of free local listings, pointing Google juice back to your local business and putting YOUR business on the map. Free Local Listing is Important to YOUR Bottom Line In this day and age […]

Kick-Ass Low Cost Marketing for Small Business: the “Shotgun/LASER” Technique

In the quest to drive costs down and profits up, low cost marketing for small business is a must. About thirty years ago I discovered a principle that worked  with (uh, obviously) OFF-line advertising.. which translates to even greater results with marketing your small biz online. I thought that you might appreciate knowing the dang […]

Get Found on Google Locally: Front Page, Zero Ad Spend!

In today’s post, I’m going to give you nine clear steps to get your local business on the front page of Google multiple times when potential customers in your local area search for the products or services you offer. Can you imagine having an endless stream of new leads, customers and business… but without having […]

7 Ways to Hack Local Search SEO for a Free Front Page Listing

How I Got Listed Seven Times on the Front Page of Google If you’re a small biz owner interested in using guerrilla tactics to beat out your competitors while not spending a DIME, you landed on the right page. Today I show you seven ways to hack local search results on Google with zero cost. […]

Effective Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: Part ONE

A lot of the marketing principles that I teach in my books and on this blog were learned PRE-internet. That’s not to say these principles aren’t up-to-date. They’re principles,  not techniques… and therefore don’t have a shelf life. I’m interested… as I’m sure YOU are… in social media, SEO, tweeting about like a twit and […]

Local Marketing Secrets From My New Book, “Get Paid TODAY…”

Heya, Steppers! I’ve been wondering how I can provide the best tidbits of small business marketing wisdom to you, my readers. At first I thought that this blog was going to be about how easy it is to start a “Bizness”… a small business that’s based around your hobbies and interests… by using all the […]

Get Paid TODAY: What Most People Don’t Know About Starting a Service Business

In today’s post, I’m including the inaugural chapter to my new book, Get Paid TODAY: What Most People Don’t Know About Starting a Service Business. The easiest type of “Bizness” to start is a service business; it usually takes a minimal investment, has almost nonexistent overhead, and (if done correctly), delivers immediate profits. Note that I […]

3 Steps to Validate Your Bizness Idea for FREE — Almost

Topic: Incredibly Cheap and Simple Market Testing Length: 1500 priceless words Investment: About 6 jaw-dropping minutes (Drill Sergeant Voice) AWRIGHT,  Steppers! And… HALT! I assume that yer reading this post based on its fabulous title. Stop right this very second and be advised! …I blatantly STOLE the title from HERE is THEIR blog post: (Back to […]

3 Steps: How to Create a Snarky Meme For Your Blog

All words and no play makes Jack’s blog dull, boy! Heh. See what I did there? Took something familiar… the popular saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy“… and put my own twist on it. Makes it catchy but also makes a point. That’s what memes can do for your blog: take […]